Why should you invest in a cyber security solution?

Why should you invest in a cyber security solution?

30 November 2020

With the rise of technology, the number of devices we used has also increased. It’s very hard and maybe impossible to go a day without using a digital device. According to research, users spend around 6 to 7 hours online. With the global pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, those numbers have drastically increased. It’s also estimated that U.S. households have an average of 11 digital devices!

As the use of devices and apps increases every day, the number of online threats is on the rise as well. That’s why it is important for users to consider securing their digital life and invest in a comprehensive security solution.

Even though there are free security tools on the market, they don’t offer the advanced protection that internet users need. These tools can protect you only from a limited range of cyber threats such as malware, scam websites, or phishing. This is an insignificant part of the cyber risks constantly increasing in number and severity. Some of them are actually malware in disguise which is created only to steal your personal information and harm your computer.

As technology advances, hackers get smarter and improve their ways when it comes to attacking a device and stealing personal information.

Free versions of cyber security solutions also offer in-app purchases.This only proves that even the vendors think that a free solution isn't enough to protect you or your device. What’s more important is that they may try to sell your data.

Free security solutions don’t offer customer support. So, if users are experiencing some technical problems, they have to handle them on their own. Also, these versions can be used only on one device. But, the average consumer has at least three connected devices.

A security program should provide a solution that will protect users, their data, and the devices they use, not only a partial protection. Free security solution products might provide the basics, while paid versions offer a wide range of features in one bundle including a firewall protection, parental control options, etc.

All your devices are constantly connected to the internet which has its disadvantages. This is why users need comprehensive cyber protection which will protect the devices as well as their connections, online activities and behaviors.

We created a line of products that will help consumer live their digital lives stress-free. However, we offer a comprehensive cyber protection with a simple and user-friendly interface that even less tech-savvy clients can handle.

Our cyber security software will secure your online presence and remove your online tracking records, including your browsing history and passwords. It will also protect you from any aggressive ads or banners.

Why shnox matters?

Our collection of security components goes beyond free antivirus basics. We offer an exceptional cyber security software which protects your personal data and your devices from unauthorized access, attack and destruction.

It will secure your online presence from any aggressive ads or banners. It will also remove your online tracking records, including your browsing data and passwords.

In addition to effective malware protection, we also offer protection against ransomware, identity theft, privacy breaches, webcam hijacking and much more. Our software will eliminate threats that other products can't detect.

No matter which product you choose, you will always be one step ahead of the modern emerging cyber threats and attacks. Your reliance on technology will be turned into a safe experience. Your privacy will remain private and all your devices will be protected from cyber threats and attacks at all times.

With a comprehensive security solution, all your devices will be protected from the latest threats and you won’t have to worry about your online life anymore.

Our software programs are automatically updated and constantly enhanced without causing any problems on users' devices.

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