Top 5 cyber security must watch movies

Top 5 cyber security must watch movies

25 September 2020

With the rise in cyber security threats, attacks and solutions, it makes sense for all of it to be spilled into entertainment. The science fiction entertainment industry has always been one step ahead of the technology world. The possibilities are endless in movies.

Screenwriters and directors have been constantly exploring what would happen if the government gains unauthorized access in people’s privacy. Even though these movies seem unrealistic, many of them actually contain technologies that we currently use.

It’s a well known fact that cyber security movies have been around ever since the very beginning of the digital era. We compiled a list of the top 5 cyber security movies that are worth watching.

  • Wargames (1983)

Wargames is a classic movie and a game changer in the cybersecurity industry. The main focus is on Matthew Broderick’s teenage genius character who manages to hack into the U.S. military program just to impress a girl. At first, he thinks he’s just playing a video game with the system, not realizing that his actions might start a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

After this movie was released, President Ronald Reagan was worried that the hacking attack could really happen. As a result, the U.S. government decided to secure their computer technology, even during the times of a modem dial-up Internet. This movie might look cheesy by today’s standards, but it’s still worth watching.

  • Sneakers (1992)

This movie is about a group of nerds that are actually computer and espionage experts. Robert Redford is the leader of this group which is hired to steal a cyber program that can get into any security system. Once the government finds out about this computer program, they start chasing the group of nerds.

Nowadays there are many similar software programs nowadays, but a software like that was very rare in the early 90s. Even though this movie it’s underrated, IT-enthusiasts love it.

  • The NET (1995)

This movie focuses on the main character Angela Bennett who is played by Sandra Bullock. She is a computer programmer, but ends up as the victim of government-aided identity theft after she saw a floppy disk which contained government-surveillance plans. Her identity and her whole life are erased like she never existed.

Despite the fact that identity theft was a strange topic in the 90s, nowadays it happens very often.

  • Firewall (2005)

In this movie, Harrison Ford is a security specialist who designs theft-proof computer systems for financial institutions. Unfortunately, criminals force him to break into his own system in order to help them steal millions of dollars.

  • Untraceable (2008)

In this movie, Diane Lane plays Jennifer Marsh who works as an FBI agent in the cyber crimes division. She’s given a task to track down a hacker who also kills people on live stream. What makes the matter even worse is that the more people watch the live stream, the faster the victims die.

These movies are on the top of the hacking movies list which you can easily add to your watching list. They are really entertaining and can help people learn more about the cybercrimes and the cybersecurity field.

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