Less is more - why using two antivirus software programs is wrong

Less is more - why using two antivirus software programs is wrong

19 August 2020

Every device connected to the Internet is vulnerable and can become a target to hackers which is why an antivirus software program is essential. All Internet users need to protect their devices from all kinds of online threats by installing an antivirus software.

Without this, users risk their personal information, files, and other sensitive data to easily get misused or stolen. If you don't have an antivirus software, third parties can easily access your medical records, bank statements, transactions and even track your online activities and collect your data without your knowledge.

With an antivirus software, your device and data will be protected from all online threats, including malware, adware, viruses, hacking attempts, etc.

Having two antivirus programs isn’t helpful. In fact, there’s a chance for both programs to try and ‘kill’ each other. These programs search your device for programs that are monitoring and sending information about your system. So, a second running antivirus actually looks like a virus to the first one and it will try to block it and remove it.

While some people don’t have an antivirus, others have a fixed mindset “the more the merrier”, thinking about installing multiple antivirus programs. Even though it may sound like having multiple layers of security, the reality is quite different. There are many reasons why having multiple antivirus softwares at the same time is not a good idea.

Two antivirus programs is equally bad as not having one at all

The first thing that users should know is that running two antivirus programs is just as bad as not having an antivirus software. All programs differ from each other and have different features. All of them need to access your network connection, memory usage, and computing power in order to run. It’s hard for your computer to run when your antivirus is running with other several apps, which might even lead to a forced shutdown.

They won’t recognize each other as safe programs

Moreover, some antiviruses may falsely detect viruses and other malware. There is also a chance for some cyber protection programs to identify files from other antiviruses as a threat or even mark their processes as suspicious. Many antivirus softwares are designed to instantly reject other security programs.

They will fight over viruses

Multiple antivirus programs will also fight over viruses. When an antivirus program finds a virus, it removes it and quarantines it. But when a second antivirus program sees the quarantined file, it will want to remove and quarantine it in accordance with its own objectives. What does this mean for you and your device? Both antivirus programs will repeatedly send you warning messages and notifications about the virus that it is detecting, even though it’s been removed.

They will use up your battery life

An antivirus program needs a lot of system memory in order to scan your device, which means that it may sap your device’s power. Now imagine two of them operating together at the same time. Your system’s effectiveness will be either greatly reduced or completely wiped out. Both antivirus programs will be performing unnecessary operations, meaning they will run without any benefits.

While searching for the perfect antivirus software, you may feel tempted to download and run multiple programs at the same time in order to protect your device. However, the truth is that this decision will harm your device instead of protecting it.

Choose the best option for your needs and use only that one alone. Make sure to schedule scans on your device and don’t forget to run updates for a fully secured and protected system.

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