Celebrate National IT Professionals Day: Honor The Techs You Work With

Celebrate National IT Professionals Day: Honor The Techs You Work With

15 September 2020

The annual IT Pro Day is celebrated each third Tuesday of September. This day is dedicated to all the people who work in IT and make our tech problems go away!

Today is the day to thank all the system and database administrators, network engineers, developers, information security professionals, developers, support techs, etc. All of these IT pros need even more recognition in 2020 as they are maintaining availability and performance, troubleshooting, and ensuring quality user experiences working remotely from their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just think about how many businesses rely on technology nowadays. It’s very difficult to operate a business without IT staff. When everything is going smoothly, we often forget about them. Once a server is down or there is a problem with the WiFi, everyone is looking for these employees. They deserve more recognition than they get, right?

History of National IT Professionals Day

This is a relatively new holiday. In fact, IT professionals who felt unappreciated created this holiday in 2015. They put the holiday on their company’s calendar and other businesses quickly followed as well.

These IT pros were working at Solarwinds, a Texas-based tech company, which submitted the holiday to the registrar of the National Day Calendar, and the rest is history!

What IT Professionals Do for Us

Even though IT professionals are the heroes of modern business, they aren’t really appreciated. They are always working tirelessly in the background and keeping operations run smoothly. It’s hard to imagine a business without an IT pro nowadays. Let’s take a closer look at what these people can actually do!

Desktops and laptops

IT professionals keep your desktop hardware and memory devices to operate smoothly and properly. They can repair your computer and clean any virus or malware from it. They can also advise which hardware or software should be used on your desktops and laptops.

Mobile Devices

These professionals can also keep your mobile devices clean and remove any unwanted elements. If your mobile device breaks, IT professionals are the first people you think of to fix it.


IT professionals can repair malfunctioning apps as well. Whenever an app crashes or becomes unresponsive, an IT pro can find a solution and fix it in no time.


IT professionals can keep any network up and running, whether it's a LTE network, or a wireless network. It’s their job to make sure that networks aren’t overloaded as well.


IT professionals keep servers up and running smoothly. They also manage servers and make sure they don’t become overloaded.

Cyber Security

We saved the best for last. IT professionals can keep your important information in and protect you from hackers.

How to Celebrate IT Professionals Day

We prepared some ideas for you to celebrate National IT Professionals Day.

  • Thank IT professionals for their efforts. It would make them feel appreciated for what they do!
  • Raise awareness for this day on social media. Add #ITProDay on a social media post and remind others to thank IT professionals as well.
  • If you are a business owner, give a small gift to the IT professionals in your company to express your gratitude.

Even though IT Professionals Day is a new holiday, it needs to be celebrated. After all, IT Professionals deserve more recognition and honor them for all they do for our devices, networks and more.

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