A simple guide to choose the perfect antivirus software for your device

A simple guide to choose the perfect antivirus software for your device

10 August 2020

Nowadays, cyber security is essential to stay safe while you are searching the web and protect your data and files. All devices including smartphones and laptops are vulnerable and can be intentionally exploited. We have to accept the fact that there is a potential cyber threat with every Internet connection.

Even though some people believe they are safe online by taking some precautions, the reality is different - everyone needs an antivirus to be 100% safe online.

In order to be safe, you need an antivirus software program on your device. It might be hard to choose the perfect antivirus software because there are so many options on the market with different features and offers.

Depending on the device and the operating system, users can make a choice on how to protect their own devices and online activities with an antivirus program. We prepared a list of factors to consider before deciding which antivirus software is perfect for your device.

  1. Type of device and operating system

    The first step is to take a look into the landscape of prepared software for your device. Even though the same software can be sold or offered for multiple platforms, it doesn't mean that it will perform the same. Before purchasing a software, take a look into the reviews of the software for the intended operating system.

  2. Technical requirements

    For an antivirus program to protect your device around the clock, it must be turned on all the time. This way you can check our activities, filter dangerous downloads, check websites your visit, and warn you against harmful email contents. Before purchasing an antivirus software, you should check whether it requires 400 MB of RAM or 900 MB of RAM to operate. This will help you find the right software for your device as well.

  3. Affordability

    The price is also one of the factors to consider when you are choosing an antivirus software. The costs with paid antivirus software can vary significantly. Unlike free antivirus programs, paid softwares come with regular updates, customer support, and a set of unlocked features that cover all aspects of cyber-security, including protection from your local network, Internet provider, etc. With the rise of cyber security threats, regular updates are a must-have feature in order for the software to fully detect them.

  4. Previously installed antivirus software

    Before choosing a new antivirus software, you must check whether there is an antivirus software already on your device as in the case of Windows Defender. Installing several antivirus programs can actually worsen their performance and cause a security risk. Always check if the program that you want to use can be used with the default antivirus program from your device and operating system.

  5. Ease of use

    Another important feature for an antivirus software is the ease of use. Users prefer one program that can cover all cybersecurity aspects instead of installing multiple programs because it's less money and time consuming. Users don't need to be cybersecurity experts in order to use an antivirus software.

  6. Scope of use

    There are many different types of software specialized for a specific use. For instance, there are net based antiviruses that scan your email and downloads, others monitor local network traffic, and scan your hard disc. Listing the scope of the antivirus software use is another crucial factor when deciding which program to purchase.

  7. Privacy issues and reputation

    All antivirus programs require regular access to your files. Any unintended mistakes can potentially leak private or working data. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the software background and to check reports on past public breaches. Even the high acclaimed giants such as iCloud, Dropbox, and Google have previously reported massive leaks of private data from their users.

You may find this list overwhelming, but it will help you choose the best antivirus program for your device, despite not having any background knowledge on this topic.

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