6 types of people to unfriend on social media

6 types of people to unfriend on social media

17 November 2020

Many people thought that social media would fade over time, but as it turns out it’s not going anywhere. From Facebook, Instagram, to LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more, all social media platforms make it easier to communicate with other people. Currently, around 3.5 billion people are present on social media platforms, which means one-in-three people have an account. Social media platforms are a great way to maintain relationships with your friends, family and even meet new people. However, if you want to build a healthy relationship with social media, it’s important to know when to draw a line between your real life and your virtual one.

Today is National Unfriend Day, so this is a good time to clean up your social media accounts. In 2010, television host Jimmy Kimmel declared November 17 as the National Unfriend Day in order to inspire social media users to remove the “friends” they don’t even know or met. We all have old classmates, relatives or former co-workers that we don’t speak to or in some cases we barely remember them. These people fill our social feeds with posts that we don’t even want to see.

It’s time to tidy up your social media accounts. Here are 6 types of people you need to remove from your friends list:


This type of people are always complaining, criticizing and sharing cryptic updates that seek attention. These people always have a pessimistic view on life and they can easily suck the happiness right of you even if it’s through social media. According to researchers, stress can be contagious. If you want to live a happy life without any negativity, it’s time to remove these friends of social media.


Every social media user is entitled to share what they want on their social media account. However, if you don’t want to read irrelevant stuff like someone’s political opinions or someone’s thoughts on healthcare, just click unfriend or unfollow. This simple step will make your feed feel much lighter.


Some people use their social media accounts just to brag about their lives. It’s okay to share some accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean that every detail needs to be shared. For instance, burning 450 calories in the gym isn’t something that everyone needs to know. People who love to brag about their everyday lives can be super annoying. According to researchers, self-promotion in fake modesty (humblebragging) doesn’t fool social media users anymore. It’s time to remove those showoffs of your feed!

Your ex-lover

Many people still have their ex-lovers on social media. Even though it’s not necessary to unfriend your ex after breaking up, it might be a good solution. Around 70% people admitted they’ve stalked their exes on social media. Stalking can easily interfere with your responsibilities, sleep, even mental health.

Unless you stayed friends with your ex, why do you still have them on your social media? To show them you moved on or access their profile anytime you want? These are bad reasons and it’s time to cut ties with them once and for all.

People you barely remember or speak to

When you see their name on your feed, you can’t help but wonder ‘who is that’? You haven’t talked with this person in years, yet you still have them on social media. You haven’t talked in years, you probably won’t talk now. Or maybe you don’t recognize a name in your list of Facebook friends? These types of connections are so unnecessary and don’t serve us well. It’s time to cut the virtual cord with these kinds of people.

Anyone who brings you down

This can be a distant relative, old friend or even a celebrity or a beauty influencer that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s time to lift yourself up and remove these people who bring you down. Sometimes social media can be a toxic environment where we constantly compare ourselves with picture-perfect celebrities or influencers. Comparing yourself to other people can have a huge toll on people’s mental health.

Remove all friends and unfollow celebrities that make you feel like your life isn’t perfect. It’s important to stay focused on positive interactions and social support on social media.

Unfollowing these people means removing all negativity from your virtual life. However, if you aren’t feeling any happier, you can always choose to take a break from social media. After all, a little unplugging can’t hurt you.

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